Who is Workmate


Workmate is a digital job posting portal that utilizes the power of AI to match jobs to candidates, exposing them to relevant work that suits them.

We make it easy for quality employers and freelancers to connect, collaborate and get work done flexibly and securely this helps to create job opportunities to millions of skilled youths.

Workmate digital solutions LLP is a registered entity registration number LLP-9R1VEP.


What is your vision and mission?


Our Vision is to find great online opportunities to end unemployment and our mission is to instill practical and usable skills to the youths and help them apply to better their lives.


Who is workmate suitable for?


Government Entities

·         Seeking interns, part time or permanent employees (e.g. A ministry requiring employees can be matched to the right NYS graduate or Judiciary can offer recordings for transcribing)

 Private Sector

·         The private sector employs over 59% of the total employed persons both large corporates and SMES. ( Workmate 

Graduates & Unemployed youths

·         Young people end up experiencing a problematic school-to-work transition, and companies are unable to find suitable candidates for their positions.


Why join the workmate club?


Our first goal is to remove the struggle of finding great online job opportunities that are typically harder and more-time consuming to find.

·         Work with companies who post jobs directly to our site, our team of excellent, educated, trained researchers who source hundreds of online job resources every day (including industry blogs, employer sites, newspapers, reliable job boards, and more)... so you don’t have to! When they find a job listing that appears promising, they dig in for more critical evaluations.

Only then is the job added to our site, along with staff-written job summaries, company descriptions, company headquarters, and other useful information.

Our second goal is to provide you with top notch tools, resources, articles, and tips to support you in your job search to find a job that better fits your life.

·         We offer our members specialized job search checklists, thousands of articles, educational guides and courses, and more. We also have fantastic Member compensation plan that include commissions on referrals to help support you in your work and life.


Workmate Affiliate Program


We also have fantastic Member compensation plan that include commissions on referrals to help support you in your work and life. "anyone who wants a job with some kind of freedom - a remote, telecommuting, part-time, freelance, or fulltime job". With over 50 career categories and jobs ranging from entry-level to executive, freelance to full-time, we really do offer something for almost anyone! 

As an affiliate: (FREELANCER) a one-time 20USD Membership renewable annually

We are looking for affiliates to grow our website standing. Join the club today and get paid for referrals and online advertisement points rewards (A.D.P). 

 A Website That Pays You To Log in and Log Out. Click Here To Join


Service Description


Through our training programme (S.T.P) we aim to have experts representing every technical, professional, and creative field.

This will help boost the growth of professionals while reducing poverty levels through connecting and skill matching candidates to companies.

The brand name “WORKMATE” (A person with whom one works)

is our mantra and we aim to create virtual workers to work from anywhere.

An internship center hub (I.C.H) model will address the school to work transition

Government, learning institutions, youth groups and corporates need to plug in

Gain access to thousands of job openings, work opportunities, certified learning and an account to track your business, if that’s not enough we give you privilege of our marketing affiliate program, where you get commissions and rewards for activity on the portal.

People have always had a huge desire to work from home. For this gap we present a membership club for the freelancers and job seekers to network, get opportunities locally and globally.

Want to be part of this movement? NOW is the best time, because together we are Unstoppable!



Operation Go-Green (Tree planting 1million seedlings)


Tree Planting & Team Building

Because the future works online our main goal is to actively involve candidates in tree planting to increase forest cover and issuing of 1000 seedlings per year will be planted


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